The Johnsons

By Theon / January, 6, 2014 / 0 comments

Johnson 1st Selects-2093



Spent a great day with my friends the Johnsons. They were so nice and accommodating, even when I had a camera malfunction! It didn’t even faze them when we had to drive 30 minutes to go get another camera. They just jumped right back in to picture making mode without skipping a beat. I know we were in for a good time when they got excited to change their clothes and explore some gritty downtown arts terrain. I could follow you guys around all day. Thanks so much for your time!

Johnson 1st Selects-1136


Johnson 1st Selects-4919


Johnson 1st Selects-1164_bw


Johnson 1st Selects-1311


Johnson 1st Selects-1340


Johnson 1st Selects-1791


Johnson 1st Selects-1723


Johnson 1st Selects-1685


Johnson 1st Selects-1362


Johnson 1st Selects-1966


Johnson 1st Selects-1994


Johnson 1st Selects-2217


Johnson 1st Selects-2474


Johnson 1st Selects-1242_bw


Johnson 1st Selects-2583





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