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So true story. One of our friends had contacted me about shooting her son’s Pop Warner football game. I had shot them over the past couple of seasons. I asked if it would be a problem getting on the field and she said that she didn’t think so. I had just shot the Dbacks the night before and had full access to the entire stadium. Needless to say I was pretty confident.

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I got there about an hour before the game, shot pre game warmups and then moved down to the other end of the field as the team would be heading toward me in the first quarter. It was an early morning game so the light was good and when they broke the opening kick-off for 50yards, I figured i was going to get some really good shots.

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The first quarter came to an end and I moved to the opposite end zone to get ready and catch the second quarter action. As I’m kneeling ten yards outside the end zone all of a sudden I hear a lady scream, “Get that camera off my field!” I figure she must be yelling at a parent that is standing right up against the sideline with their camera phone, so I keep shooting. She yells again and I look up and over to her and gesture, “me?” She says, “yep” and promptly kicks me out.

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I make my way back to my car and begin my 45 minute drive home shaking me head. How can I have full access to pro sports just the night before and yet today I get kicked out of a Pop Warner game? At first I was pissed and the I realized that I needed to get over myself. I needed to remember that what I do is an honorĀ and that no matter what i think of my photos, I am not above anyone or any rules. It was a good reality check and a lesson I won’t soon forget.

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