A Visit From the LBC!

Posted By Theon / March, 5, 2013 / 0 comments

Always a good time when friends come out to visit. These two act as if they’ve never missed a beat even if there are months in between see each other. Gotta love that!

The Prince Turns 3!

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Birthdays are soooo cool! Yes there is cake and yes there are presents. We are trained that one, we need to invite everyone and two, everyone should partake in our special day. I believe that this OUR special day and we should spend it in a way that is “special” to us. Of course when […]

The Allen Crew

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Spent a great morning with the Allens. I was a little bummed that the ladies of the house weren’t able to make it but they probably enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house with the four fellas being gone for a couple of hours. Each of the boys has their own unique personality (even […]

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself …

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Well hellooooooo there! It feels good to be back. I hope that you are enjoying the new website. I want to give thanks to Haig at HZ-Solutions for all of his great work in revamping the site. I feel as though I’ve grown in so many ways this past year, one of which is with my photography. […]