East Valley Baseball … Rookie AA

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  Can the effort be any more?! These kids can really ball and they are only 6 and 7!                      

Sneak Peek …Bridgette

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  I had the pleasure of photographing Bridgette. Here are just a couple I had to share as I start to edit down. It’s going to be difficult!  

Andrew Turns 3!

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  Had the pleasure of attending one of the coolest birthday parties ever! Wanted to share one of my favorites from the day. Happy 3rd Andrew!

East Valley Baseball … Rookie A

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  Now if you really want to see what sports are all about, go check out a Rookie A game. Kids don’t fake it! Bring your popcorn! To see more photos from this division, click here.                  

East Valley Baseball … Farm AA

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  I fell so lucky to be able to work with East Valley Baseball again! Always fun to shoot baseball and always fun to watch the intensity of these young athletes. To see more shots from this division, click here.              

Sneak Peak…GB Senior Shoot

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Missed flight from Alaska, minimal sleep, blistering heat and Gage still brought it! More to come.  

Sneak Peak…ML Senior Shoot

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  Had a great time hangin’ out with Madeline! More to come from this awesome shoot.

Baseball Season Is Back… Arcadia Little League

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  Well it’s baseball season again! Excited to be able to work with a new league, Arcadia Little League, this year. They had their first game the other night and I think that both the teams and I needed to knock off some rust. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. To see more pics […]

Quick Visit From The Littlejohns

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Man I love this family. Outside of my own, I could spend endless days with them. Never a shortage of laughs and good times. We were fortunate enough to have them visit as they came through for a quick cheerleading competition weekend. I was glad that they had a couple of minutes to make a […]

What Are Rules …

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  “What are rules to the rebel youth who grow with a gusto for adventure? They’re imaginary… Like boundaries in infinite space. The building begins from within. Then out of skin. Onto pavements. Where you pave the way. From corner store conversations to revolutionary contemplating. It takes training. It requires heart to acquire an absence […]