The Twardy Family

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  Had such a great time with this family! We enjoyed a fun adventure wandering the streets of downtown. Arun is quite the hockey player. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the ice at an arena near you soon. Anjali is going to be the next Hip Hop violinist! And Sue is ueber […]

I’ll Make My Own!

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  “Can’t sit at the table ? Build your own” - Joshua Kissi

The Johnsons

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    Spent a great day with my friends the Johnsons. They were so nice and accommodating, even when I had a camera malfunction! It didn’t even faze them when we had to drive 30 minutes to go get another camera. They just jumped right back in to picture making mode without skipping a beat. […]

Homecoming Action Part 2

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  Definitely want to shoot more football next season. Working on connections to make that happen!                    

Homecoming Action Part 1

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  And I thought only the sidelines of the ASU/UA game would be packed! Everybody and their mother was out at the ASU Homecoming game. I never seen so many people on the sidelines. I had to shoot between people’s legs in order to get shots. Luckily once ASU started to blow out the Huskies […]

Faces of Homecoming

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  Had a great time shooting Homecoming. Thanks Bruce for the hook up!                    

Dbacks Golf Tournament

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  Got a call from Casey Wilcox asking if I’d be interested in shooting the Dbacks golf tourney. I had a great time shooting the tournament as everyone was so nice and wonderful to work with. Next year I might just have to play in it as the swag was unbelievable and the cause was […]

Hutton 2013

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I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with the fantastic Hutton. She was wonderful and a natural in front of the camera! Her friend Emma ( an artist in her own right) came along for support and also provided the wardrobe!!                         […]

Thank You …

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  To those of you that have and continue to provide that blanket of protection … thank you!      

No We Are Not Moving Again …

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  Driving the kids to school on one of their last days, Zora and I start talking about visiting the beach this summer. Quinn, not paying attention to the whole conversation says, “We’re moving again?” I assured him we weren’t moving again and that in fact I didn’t ever plan on moving again to which […]