Dbacks Fantasy Camp

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  Casey Wilcox over at the Dbacks gave me a call and asked was I available and interested in shooting the Red Carpet of their awards show and a day of fantasy camp. The Red Carpet event was a lot of fun as the organization goes out of its way to show its sponsors just […]

Stay Humble

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  So true story. One of our friends had contacted me about shooting her son’s Pop Warner football game. I had shot them over the past couple of seasons. I asked if it would be a problem getting on the field and she said that she didn’t think so. I had just shot the Dbacks […]

College Baseball coming soon …

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  I’m really excited for the beginning of baseball season. After last year’s experience of not only shooting Grand Canyon but also the Dbacks, I’m ready to try out some creative ideas. Alumni game at the end of the month!                               […]


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  Dignity. Little one, you won’t find dignity in the App Store of your latest iPhone, and it’s not discoverable through those awful videos with those sad girls who writhe around on the hoods of expensive cars. Dignity is in the quiet clench of your strong jaw when you are studying. So study. Dignity is […]

Softball Season Is Just Around The Corner …

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  I was looking at the calendar and saw that softball season was almost upon us. Got me thinking back to last year when I shot a couple of games. I plan on shooting a ton this year and am looking forward to finding new ways to capture something unique.           […]

Shooting With The Dbacks

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  I had a great opportunity to shoot some work with the Arizona Diamondbacks last season. The entire experience was fantastic. Obviously being able to have  full access to professional athletes in the sport I enjoy the most was unbelievable, but just as enjoyable were all the people in the organization that i had the […]

The Twardy Family

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  Had such a great time with this family! We enjoyed a fun adventure wandering the streets of downtown. Arun is quite the hockey player. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the ice at an arena near you soon. Anjali is going to be the next Hip Hop violinist! And Sue is ueber […]

I’ll Make My Own!

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  “Can’t sit at the table ? Build your own” - Joshua Kissi

The Johnsons

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    Spent a great day with my friends the Johnsons. They were so nice and accommodating, even when I had a camera malfunction! It didn’t even faze them when we had to drive 30 minutes to go get another camera. They just jumped right back in to picture making mode without skipping a beat. […]

Homecoming Action Part 2

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  Definitely want to shoot more football next season. Working on connections to make that happen!