Arcadia Little League Softball …

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  Arcadia Little league really stepped up and put a major emphasis into growing the game of softball again. They started by building a brand new field that is softball specific. Their numbers rose dramatically. Probably some of the most energetic and and truly genuine emotions of the entire season were in these games. It […]

Let The Playoffs Begin …

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  Well, we’ve come to yet another end of the little league baseball season. One that saw the Diamondbacks generously donate uniforms to little leagues throughout the valley. One that saw Quinn grow in his skills and confidence as a baseball player. And one that saw him have fun. Can you ask for anything more […]

Arcadia Little League

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I have had a great time documenting the local little leaguers. As always they are full of emotion and a good picture is just begging to be made.            

GCU Women’s Basketball …

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  Had a great time going out and shooting the women’s team. Wish I could have made more games but trying to get your camera fixed in this town takes a minute. I am proud to say that they are undefeated at every game I have shot!                 […]

Hofstra Baseball …

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Hofsta’s Baseball Team escaped the frigid weather of the home and came out west to enjoy a little sunshine and actually be able to play outdoors. Great group of guys who didn’t mind a camera shoved in their face. Thanks boys!                             […]


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  Hoop season for GCU is winding down. It was a great atmosphere this season. If you are ever looking for a great time for the family, GCU basketball is definitely the place!                          

Arcadia Little league And The Dbacks …

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  The Arizona Diamondbacks are giving back to the community and supplying uniforms for little leagues across the valley. An awesome way to help out one of the finest volunteer organizations in the country. I’m sure this will help facilitate many youngsters dreams for the future and hopefully create Dbacks fans for life!     […]

Dbacks Help Open New Cubs Stadium …

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  Got a chance to shoot another spring training game at the new Cubs stadium in Mesa. It’s nice but I like Salt River better (maybe it’s my Dbacks bias!)                        

Spring Training Opening Day …

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  Spring training is finally here! I have always enjoyed spring training from the fan perspective but was lucky enough this season to get a call from the Dbacks to come out and help them shoot opening day. Big ups to Jennifer Stewart and Casey Wilcox over at the Dbacks for continually giving me a […]

GCU Golf …

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  Had the pleasure last week of going out to capture these fine athletes working their way around the course. Time to dust off the clubs!!!!