Arcadia Softball … It’s The Ladies Turn

By Theon / May, 9, 2013 / 0 comments

web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-2857


I was looking back at previous posts and realized I wasn’t giving our female athletes an coverage. As part of Arcadia Little League I shoot the girl softball divisions. These athletes are just as passionate about their sport as the boys. I know that they have had a decline in numbers recently and even their fan presence is less than that of the boys. This needs to stop! Like yesterday! We need to invest in these ladies lives and encourage them to have well rounded lives that involve athletics! It is the end of the season but i think there a couple of games left. So, get out and catch a game this week. The weather is perfect for a softball game! To see more photos from the league, click here.

web20130418 Cardinal vs Bruins-8024


web20130422 Cardinal vs Ducks Softball-2883


web20130501 Cardinal vs Wildcats-9361


web20130422 Cardinal vs Ducks Softball-2907


web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-2994


web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-2669


web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-2653


web20130501 Cardinal vs Wildcats-9155


web20130501 Cardinal vs Wildcats-9066


web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-2736


web20130422 Cardinal vs Ducks Softball-2925


web20130413 Trojans vs Sun Devils-3175


web20130418 Cardinal vs Bruins-7937


web20130417 Bruins vs Ducks-7418


web20130417 Bruins vs Ducks-7560


web20130417 Bruins vs Ducks-7500


web20130424 Wildcats vs Cardinal softball-4668

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