Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself …

By admin / February, 5, 2013 / 0 comments

Well hellooooooo there! It feels good to be back. I hope that you are enjoying the new website. I want to give thanks to Haig at HZ-Solutions for all of his great work in revamping the site.

I feel as though I’ve grown in so many ways this past year, one of which is with my photography. I’ve always known that I have been improving each and every year (as a husband, a father, a man, a friend and last but not least a photographer.) This new website illustrates my growth and maturity as my work synthesizes into what you see before you today.

I will always love sports and will continue to always shoot sports but it became clear that the common thread in all of my work was a connection with people that presented itself in portraits. While shooting action, I invariably always included portraits, subconsciously at first and then I found myself thinking how to make a better portrait, how to make a better picture.

In an effort to embrace this growth in myself I have shifted my focus to portraits (lifestyle, senior and sportraits.) I hope that those of you that have supported my work in the past will find reason to continue doing so. I hope that those of you visiting for the first time will find reason to stay awhile and hopefully be drawn into each and every one of these pictures. I hope that I never lose myself nor my “voice” in this artistic endeavor.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will see you often.



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