Arcadia Little League … Minors Division

By Theon / April, 27, 2013 / 0 comments

minor 5


I just really enjoy shooting baseball! I could spend all day at the ballpark if possible. It is really getting fun because I’m starting to see teams a second time which allows me to get away from stock shots and focus on capturing the action. The players are getting better as the season progresses toward the end of tourney so it’s a win/win! To see more photos from the league, click here. Enjoy!

minor 20minor 8


minor 3


minor 9


minor 12


minor 1


minor 19


minor 15


minor 11


minor 14


minor 7


minor 2


minor 13


minor 17


minor 4


minor 6


minor 16


minor 18


minor 10



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